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ARD Agriculture & Regenerative Development is an agricultural company registered in Jordan dedicated to promote organic & regenerative agriculture and ecological restoration.

Founded in 2020 it aims to bridge and nurture the link between the world of agriculture and society for a positive ecological impact in Jordan and beyond.

ARD was born out of our deep concern about climate change and our ultimate goals are climate change mitigation, adaptation and impact reduction through the spread of regenerative agriculture - agricultural practices that remove carbon from the atmosphere and put it back in the soil - in Jordan and the region. 

ARD centre is located in Taybeh Organic Farms, Wadi Rajeb, Ajloun, Jordan. 



Regenerative agriculture and ecosystem restoration in Jordan

What We Do 

ARD starts with the design of a profitable model of Regenerative Agriculture Farming in Taybeh Organic Farms, a large farming land in Wadi Rajeb, Ajloun, a unique site for its wild beauty and geographical parameters. With the implementation of a Regenerative Design on a working productive farm of such scale ARD wants to promote its practice, demonstrate its feasibility and the many ecological and economic benefits it has.

ARD wants to establish Taybeh Organic Farms as a model of Regenerative Agriculture and circular economy to promote and spread the knowledge about farming practices that not only are sustainable but regenerate the environment and its ecosystems. 

The farm started its transformation process and is witnessing a great diversification of its production. Going regenerative means the introduction of native productive and non-productive species to support and maintain a healthy ecosystem, create fire and wind breaks, implement earthworks such as terraces, swales and water ponds for water harvesting and to optimize the water retention, minimizing tilling and large scale mulching. 


What We Offer

ARD opened a centre in the middle of Taybeh Organic Farms to host activities such as visits, workshops, trainings and residencies to promote Regenerative practices and reinforce cross sector collaboration.

Our site provides with accommodation, facilities, tools and equipment and we cooperate with locals and international experts in permaculture, regenerative agriculture and ecology to share their knowledge and give you the best learning experiences. 


ARD wants to collaborate with universities, research institutes and centres. We can provide students, researchers, cultural activists or artists with an experimental field to conduct their work, research or project.


ARD wants to build a platform for research and development in the field of regenerative agriculture in both English and Arabic to promote its practices in Jordan and the region.

You have an idea and want to collaborate with us? 

Contact us! 

Regenerative agriculture and ecosystem restoration in Jordan

Our Story

Behind ARD is our story as a couple and every person we met on our way back to earth: friends, farmers, ecologists, nature-lovers and enthusiasts, locals and foreigners.

In 2016, driven by deep concerns about climate change and the environmental crisis, we, Firas and Alexia, both quit our respective jobs in the capital Amman to move to the family farm Taybeh Organic Farms in Wadi Rajeb with our 3 year old daughter (at the time) for an adventure that would last almost 2 years. We helped start the official transition of the farm to organic agriculture and we were eager to learn about farming, permaculture practices and living of the land.

It was wild, challenging, frustrating, humbling, and beautiful.

On so many levels it was a transformative experience. 

What we learned the most is our deep need to reconnect with nature and keep learning about the ways to do it.

Back in Amman, we kept the urge to link our life with the farm and to bridge agriculture to our work and in 2020 the farm started a collaborative project to create and apply a regenerative design on the farm.

We decided it was time to open the farm to the community so other people can learn with us to regenerate the land and become weavers of life again.

Regenerative agriculture and ecosystem restoration in Jordan
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