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Permaculture Design Certificate Course

4-17 May 2022 

A Permaculture Design Certificate Course  (PDC) is an internationally known and accepted 72-hour theory course resulting in a Permaculture Design Certificate. The PDC provides an introduction to permaculture design according to the movement’s founder Bill Mollison and it is designed on his international course curriculum.


ARD organizes a 14 day PDC that is equally theoretical and practical with a lot of hands-on sessions, walk and talk for an immersive experience in the middle of Taybeh Organic Farms which is transitioning to regenerative farming and currently implementing a permaculture design on its site. The farm is certified organic since 2020.


This PDC will give you the knowledge and the practical confidence to design sustainable living systems for a wide variety of landscapes and climates, with a focus on dry and arid climates, start your own regenerative projects and implement permaculture principles in your everyday life. 

Permaculture Design Certificate Course in Jordan

What is Permaculture?

"Permaculture (permanent agriculture) is the conscious design and maintenance of agriculturally productive ecosystems which have the diversity, stability, and resilience of natural ecosystems.” (B. Mollison, Permaculture, a designers’ manual).

Design systems can be applied to all aspect of life and more broadly permaculture can be seen as a philosophy for a sustainable and holistic lifestyle. In simple words, it is a way to cooperate with the living world, instead of working against it or trying to dominate it.

What will you learn? 

During the course you will learn the strategies and techniques that can provide a permanence of human life on earth in harmony with nature. It will give you design tools for planning and implementing garden, home, work and community projects that look after the earth and people. This PDC results in a Permaculture Design Certificate: you will be delivered a certificate of good completion of the course led by Thomas Fernley-Pearson, Machiel van Nieuwenhove and organized by ARD.   


  • Permaculture ethics & principles

  • Observing and understanding patterns

  • Design process and methodology : SADIM (Survey, Analysis, Design, Implementation, Maintain)

  • Soil science, management and conservation

  • Water harvesting and irrigation systems

  • Trees, orchard and woodland management

  • Food forest design, implementation and management

  • Cultivated ecology: intensive garden

  • Plant care and seed saving

  • Urban challenges and urban permaculture

  • Appropriate technology and sustainable energy systems

  • Animals in permaculture systems

  • Hands on: earthwork, compost, intensive gardening, natural building, plant care... 

Check our detailed program (minor changes may apply to final program)

Permaculture Design Certificate Course in Jordan
Permaculture Design Certificate Course in Jordan

Course structure  

ARD is offering an intensive and immersive permaculture design course which means that every day is filled with information and that during the time of the course you will experience, live and work with nature in the middle of the stunning environment of Taybeh Organic Farms for a unique community living experience. The course will alternate between theoretical and practical sessions, (and breaks!) with several sessions led by guest instructors coming to share their expertise. Most of the course will be outdoor and in the fields. It is knowledge-intensive but this course does not require any prior experience. It is open to anyone, to the ones willing to pursue a permaculture career to the ones simply willing to reconnect with nature and learn strategies to reduce their ecological footprint. 

Course information   


Regular: 950JD (1324$)

Early Birds (register before 15th March): 10%

Includes: Camping spots to pitch your own tent, access to all basic amenities, full board meals, all course material and teachers fees.  

Upon registration you will be asked to fill in your information and to pay a deposit of 250 JD. You will be asked to pay the remaining balance at the start of the course.

Refund policy:

In case of cancellation of the event by the organizers due to external causes (Corona, extreme weather or other), the total amount of the course will be refunded. In case of last-minute cancellation from the participants (less than 7 days before the event), the organizers have the right to keep the registration fee.


ARD's Centre is based in Taybeh Organic Farms, Wadi Rajeb, Ajloun. ARD’s accommodation is camping based and offers specific camping sites for the participants who should bring their own tent. You will have access to all basic amenities: showers, toilets, kitchen etc… If you do not have a tent, ARD can provide you with a tent and mattress for 50JD extra (for the 14 days of the course).


Participants will be provided 3 meals a day and 2 tea breaks. Ingredients will be organic and locally sourced, when possible. Participants will take part in the preparation of the meals and the cleaning as it is part of the program.




Are you wondering what to bring, the exact location or know more about what to expect, please check our FAQ page and if you still have questions, please contact us!

Permaculture Design Certificate Course in Jordan
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Financial support

Thanks to the Austrian Embassy Amman, ARD is offering scholarships to attend the Permaculture Design Certificate Course 2022. The number of scholarships is limited and priority will be given to: 

  • The local community of the Jordanian countryside.

  • The local community working in the farming sector. 

  • Individuals with high motivation to learn about permaculture and facing financial limitations.

If you think you match these criteria and want to apply for a scholarship please contact us to receive the selection form:

First time to Jordan?

Are you planning to come to the PDC Course in Jordan from abroad? Ahlan wa Sahlan! (welcome!) Jordan has amazing opportunities to enjoy nature and wild life as well as very well preserved historical sites. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more details about the country and your stay. Here are some quick tips:

  • You can easily get a taxi from the airport to Amman (around 20 JD) or directly to ARD Centre in Taybeh Organic Farms (around 50 JD). The farm is in Wadi Rajeb, municipality of Ajloun (North of Jordan). Both ARD and Taybeh Organic Farms are on google so it is easy to find. From the airport calculate 2h30 drive or 1h30 drive from Amman to reach the farm.

  • Check the updated country’s regulations in regards of Corona before travelling: 


Take the opportunity to visit Jordan before or after the PDC, we can help you organize your trip, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Permaculture Design Certificate Course in Jordan