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Our courses and events are organized in the middle of Taybeh Organic Farms, in Wadi Rajeb, Ajloun, overlooking the Jordan Valley. All activities are held outdoors for a real experience merged in nature, between the palms, the orange and lemons orchards.


The curriculum is both theoretical and practical with a lot of hands-on experience, walk and talk and site observations in a participatory learning environment.


All our activities are designed to give participants a unique and enriching experience. We offer a wide range of subjects so people get the knowledge and the practical skills to become confident enough to start their own project and apply regenerative systems to different aspects of their life. 

Workshops & Events

What People Say

Khaled S.

"This was one of the best learning experiences I had, thank you to all the family of ARD and to the wonderful community we met there"

Noor A.

"Happiest people don't have the best of everything. They just make the best of everything! Thanks for the amazing useful, practical and wonderful tips/weekend. Superb!"

Leon F.

“Last weekend we, a nice group of enthusiasts, were hosted by ARD for a very informative workshop on bringing landscapes back to life. I cannot recommend this workshop enough.”

Dima H.

“The workshop was FANTASTIC! I learned a wealth of information about both the theory of cultivating our own food as well as the practice (...) from the highly knowledgeable instructor, Thomas Fearnley-Pearson.  I highly recommend ARD’s informative and enjoyable workshops and look forward to more !”

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