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- Where will I be staying and what is the accommodation?

ARD is located in Taybeh Organic Farms, in Wadi Rajeb, at the edge Ajloun, overlooking the Jordan Valley.

ARD’s accommodation is camping based and offers specific camping sites for the participants to pitch their own tent. We have 2 accommodating buildings: ARD Centre and Taybeh House, each have bathrooms and hot showers and each building is assigned for accommodating either males or females. If you do not have a tent, ARD can provide you with a tent and mattress for an extra fee.

2 family rooms are available (each with 2 bunk-beds) during workshops only. The rooms are given in priority to families or depending on availability and following the sanitary rules due to Covid (shared accommodation are ONLY for couples, family members/clusters). You can book a room for an extra fee.

- Is there phone reception and Internet connection?

Yes, there is phone reception everywhere in the farm except for Umnia network (which is weak and available only in some spots) and Internet connection.

- Will meals be provided?

During workshops participants are provided 3 meals a day and 2 tea breaks, unless it is mentioned otherwise in the course description. Ingredients are organic and locally sourced, when possible. Please be sure to mention any special request regarding the meals (vegetarian, allergies, etc.) at the time of registration. Bring your own extra snacks if you feel like it. Drinking water is always available. 

- Will there be transportation to and from Taybeh Organic Farms?

No, participants should organise themselves to arrive at ARD Centre in Taybeh Organic Farms on time for the beginning of the event and to depart once it is finished. We can help participants who do not have a car in finding the best ways of transportation (carpooling, taxi etc.)

- Directions?

Taybeh Organic Farms and/or ARD أرض are in Wadi Rajeb, between Ajloun and the Jordan Valley. They are both on google maps, just follow directions! Count 2 hours from Amman if it’s your first time visit.

- Will there be parking?

Yes, participants will have access to safe parking space for the duration of the course.

- What should I bring?

ARD is located in a working farm. It is recommended to bring comfortable clothes (long sleeves for working) and high boots (rain boots are best, especially in spring and even in summer!) or high-necked shoes as there will be lots of practical work in the field. Bring a hat and sunscreen. Bring working gloves if you have. Make sure to bring your equipment for the night to make you comfortable (mattress, sleeping bag, small torch lamp, etc). Bring your personal toiletry kit and towels and last but not least your reusable water bottle if you have one!

- Alcohol and drugs? 

Alcohol and drugs are strictly not allowed in Taybeh Organic Farms nor during any of ARD activities. 

- Will I get a certificate at the end of the workshop?

Yes, each participant who completed a course will receive a certificate of participation. 

- Bookings, Payment and Cancellation Policy?

Once you booked an event, you are officially registered and the cancellation policy applies to you. We ask you to finalize the payment before the start of the event as described in the email you receive once you book.

In case of cancellation of the event by the organizers due to external causes (Corona, extreme weather or other), the total amount of the course will be refunded. In case of last-minute cancellation from the participants (less than 72 hours before the event or less than a week before the PDC), the organizers have the right to keep a compensation fee.  

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