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Regenerative agriculture and ecosystem restoration in Jordan

Taybeh Organic Farms

ARD centre is based in Taybeh Organic Farms, a family owned farm dedicated to organic and regenerative agriculture.


Located in Wadi Rajeb at the edges of Ajloun overlooking the Jordan Valley the farm was established in 1989 by late Eng. Walid Al-Taybeh and is now managed by his children. It is mainly growing citrus, loquat, dates and olive trees.


The farm started its organic transition in 2013 and got officially certified organic by CCPB in 2020.

The same year a regenerative design was created for the entire farm and is now being implemented. The farm is constantly transforming and evolving towards a state of health, regeneration and abundance. 



All About the Site

We work in a family farm in a steep valley side with a climate of long, hot, dry summers with short mild wet winters with abundant groundwater and river water resources and alkaline clay soil. The farm is a 200 dunums mixed orchards on former deciduous Mediterranean oak forest land. The average rainfall per year is 250-400 mm and the altitude is just above sea level. The site is south facing, steep valley side incised by deep gullies. Two river water channels and one spring serve two large water reservoirs. 

A regenerative design was created in 2020 by Thomas Fernley-Pearson, Research Ecologist, Environmental Scientist, Garden Designer, Agricultural Consultant and Water and Sanitation technician, and started to be implemented on the farm in 2021.


Step by step the farm is moving towards regeneration, top soil building, health and abundance. The production of the farm is being diversified with the introduction of native and non-native productive and non-productive trees and shrubs, lots of earthworks are going on with the introduction of swales and ponds, fire breaks and wind breaks. The farm implements a limited to no-tiling policy and intensive mulching program. 

Regenerative agriculture and ecosystem restoration in Jordan
Regenerative agriculture and ecosystem restoration in Jordan

Our Facilities

The farm has 2 main buildings that are used during our workshops and courses: Taybeh house and ARD centre. 

Around Taybeh house there is a mandala permaculture kitchen garden, a mandala medicinal herbs garden in the making and a small experimental food forest that was implemented in collaboration with Midorization Project in Jordan.

In front of ARD centre there is a subtropical food forest and an alley-cropping design irrigated by a spring water reservoir  that serves as the primary teaching model area. 

ARD centre has 2 family rooms, 3 semi-permanent double tents rooms, a kitchen and a shower room. 2 more bathrooms/shower rooms are available in the same building. Workshops participants should bring their own tent to pitch on our designated camping areas on rooftops of both ARD centre and Taybeh house. It is possible to book a room upon availability. 


Want to know more about your stay during our courses and events? Check our Courses section or our FAQ section!

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