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Firas Al-Taybeh

Co-Founder & Co-Manager

Firas is a Jordanian filmmaker, actor and farmer.

He manages Taybeh Organic Farms. 



Alexia de Tillesse

Co-founder & Co-manager 

Alexia worked as a cultural project officer before transitioning to the field of permaculture and organic farming in Jordan. She finished a 2 year course in Herbalism at the European School of Herbalism in Brussels.


Thomas Fernley-Pearson 

Leading instructor, Consultant

Thomas is a Research Ecologist, Environmental Scientist, Garden Designer, Agricultural Consultant and Water and Sanitation Technician.

He has worked extensively in farming projects in California, Colombia, Uganda, Palestine and Jordan. He has also conducted research on the Amazon ecosystems of South America, Mangrove forests of East Africa, and the marine systems of the Mediterranean Sea and North Atlantic Ocean.  He is the founder of the Bustan Qaraaqa Project in the West Bank, which promotes regenerative technologies in communities under the occupation. He has authored the two books "Agroforestry for Palestine: Good trees for a better future" and "Trees of Palestine" available online in free download.

Thomas is an excellent instructor and knows how to transmit his extended knowledge with clarity and passion.  

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